Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ELTC Symposium - The Presentations

Star Q

This second report on ELTC's symposium focuses more on the presentations done by the representatives from the different states in the country.  All the presentations highlighted the success stories achieved by schools in these states with regards to the School Support Programme.

Two of my most anticipated presentations were the ones done by my friends whom I have gotten to know since 2014; mainly my Sarawakian friends and a friend who has just left the profession.

On this second day of the symposium, many of the participants have revealed that they have opted not to stay in the Institut Pendidikan Guru.  Instead, they have decided to book rooms in nearby hotels which at least provided them a bit more comfort.  

Age factor was not the main reason for the choice.  However most of the participants felt that after hundreds of miles of driving to attend the symposium, they deserve a comfortable place to put up even if it meant coughing up their own money.

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