Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Courses : A Cause for Friendship

Star Q

Whenever I attend a course, no matter who the organizer may be, I always try to find positive things that will take me through it's duration.  In my other blogs, I have mentioned some of the negative and unpleasant things that happen during courses, but there is one thing that has been pleasant up until now; friendship!
As for me, regardless of how many things that I may dislike about courses that are organized for this particular SISC+ team, whether those things include accommodations, food, distance or even the content and duration of the courses, I always look to my friends for refuge from all these.

One particular group of friends are the Secondary school SISC+ (I am not even sure if there is such a thing!) whom I have had the privilege of knowing and get acquainted with since early last year.  This small friendship seems to have blossomed through the many seasons, with most of us always keeping in touch through the social media.

And it is through courses like these, especially those organized by ELTC that I have now at least a few more friends from Sarawak.  As with friends from other states, we may not have the opportunity to meet up ever so often, but whenever we do, it is always one that I personally cherish.  And to all these friends, I dedicate this entry.

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