Thursday, March 22, 2018

PLC - Teacher Sharing Session

It's not very often you get an invitation from a teacher to actually assist him/her in something related to teaching.  So when Puan Norrohanikhaira binti Mukhtar made a request for me to come to her school on 14/03/2018 to help her out with something, I was happy to oblige.

During the session, I shared a few of my materials based on the School Support for Writing programme conducted earlier in 2015 by ELTC.  I have always been intrigued by the idea that teachers can actually help to improve students' essay writing skills.  So much so that I did two different sets of Items Analysis, 7-week Action Plans including worksheets to accompany the Action Plans, based on end-of-year exam papers from two different schools (with their permission)

The materials are with me for the sharing, which I did with a few schools.  Sadly, none of those schools took up the initiative to carry out the interventions.  All they had to do was make copies of my materials and implement them in their schools.

However, based on Puan Norrohanikhaira's enthusiasm, I am positive that she will carry out this programme in her school, and god willing, we will see some positive changes in her students essay writing in the near future. 😊

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